Bronte's "official" name is FIERCE FIREBALL ADERENALIN and she was born on 27th November 2012 in a fantastic coursing whippet kennel by our friend Emese Gyóllai. She lives with us since 8th February 2013 and she makes our life happy and complete.:)

Bronte is first of all our beloved pet and dear family member who is a perfect partner to make big walks or excursions in the woods. But she is also the best companian in rest, watching movies on the couch or sleeping until noon under the duvet on cold or rainy days...:)

Bronte in the Whippet Archieve - click on the picture:

Otherwise Bronte as all the whippets has more sides and I try to intruduce her completely. She is gentle and sweet little roomie at home but she is also a very eager sport dog who already finished her licence and started a very successfull coursing carrier.

On this link you will find all information about Bronte's coursing results and rankings:

Bronte takes part on some dog shows as well and she has some nice show results.

Bronte is very lucky because she has many super whippet friends and a lot of availability to play, run, train or discover the nature together.

At home Bronte has also very kind friends.:)

It is important us to to train Bronte to be a well socialized, smart, well-mannered little lady so we visit the dog school as well. Bronte with her first dimplome travelling home after the exam - very tired.:)

Bronte started her model carrier too - here in an "Amnesia" fashion advert:


On the different pages we publish many pictures and all informations about Bronte's life and results - just look around!:)

Bronte's family:

Bronte's pedigree

Mama & Papa:)

Bronte's littermates:

Fierce Fireball Ace "Asti"

Fierce Fireball Anticyclone "Cyndi"

Fierce Fireball Attraction "Fanta"

Fierce Fireball All-In "Neo"

Fierce Fireball Arrow "Chili"

Fierce Fireball Angelica "Bella"

Fierce Fireball Abracadabra "Tarja"