March 2015

in the sand mine:



October 2014

September 2014

May 2014
Wonderful new pictures about the 1,5 years old Bronte from Lac:

April 2014

6th April - CACIL Coursing:

Portraits at home:

 Picnic by the bank of the Danube/ Hajógyári island

March 2014

Bronte with her first rosettes after the CACIL Coursing Eurocup in Dolsko (Slovenia): 
She was resCACIL and resBest in Field from 107 entered sighthound on her FIRST coursing competition!!

coursing field, Dolsko / near Ljubljana
Bronte and her beautiful brother Fanta (FF Attraction) in pizzeria before the "BIG DAY".:)
Ljubljana, city center

excursion with the Circle of Trust club in the woods

February 2013

Bronte joined to our family exactly 1 year ago! (8th February 2014)
She was the sweetest puppy and she became a beautiful young lady - and still in love with daddy.:)

Bronte in the park with buddies:)
 ... and she successfully finished her coursing licence!!!:)
 Bronte at home...:)

January 2014
Bronte's brand new coursing shirts arrived!
Bronte started to make her coursing licenc!
Bronte in the Buda castle with the girls:)

December 2013
 first Christmas by us....
 Bronte's gift: a new super soft blanket!!:)

November 2013
2nd November - super day in Alsónémedi!!
 Bronte on the Sighthound Special Show with her breeder, Emese
First time in Junior Class: HPJ and BEST JUNIOR whippet!

 Milla & Bronte: second place in Junior Handler Competition!

first real coursing training in Alsónémedi racing truck: 
Bronte the superman!

whippet-meeting in Hajógyári sziget!!:)

 Bronte in Amnesia advert:)

Finnaly Bronte finished the dog scool basic course successfully!

 October 2013
Some wonderful pictures again from Lac Scrach with Milla and Luna:)

September 2013
Our friend, LAC made some wonderful shots about our 9 months old little treasure.:)

July 2013
Bronte in Fót with lots of kind friends!
(Charitable coursing for the Szent Ferenc Sighthound Rescue Foundation)

Bronte in the Városliget (City Park) where we walk every day

Isaszeg, first racing training and meeting Bronte's mom and littermates:)

June 2013

First real show: Herend - Bronte is puppy class - EX1, resBest in Show!!:)

 "Hello kitty!":)
 Bronte with her sister Neo
Bronte & Alvin and the favourite toys:)

May 2013
Bronte is half year old!

April 2013

March 2013

Bronte as a tiny puppy - pictures made by her breeder, Emese:

first day by us.:)

Bronte and her littermates